How I Got My Son Sleeping Through The Night At 6 Weeks

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How I Got My Son Sleeping Through The Night At 6 Weeks

*I am not a professional. This is advice from my personal experience. Should you have any questions or concerns when starting sleep training consult your pediatrician.*

I remember the first day we brought our new baby boy home from the hospital. It was wonderful – getting him settled, introducing him to our pets, showing him his room (not that he cared!).

But let me tell you ladies – I was also exhausted.

I endured roughly 40 hours of labor 30 of which I had pitocin. I didn’t sleep. Then once he made his arrival – I really didn’t sleep.

On top of all of this, less than one week of being home, my husband was forced to cut his paternity leave short to take a class (that’s the military for ya). So it became my responsibility to get up with my son for every feeding.

To say I was desperate to get our son to sleep through the night is a grave understatement. I began to research sleep training and how I could do it in a way that didn’t traumatize me or my baby boy.

Sleeping through the night =  sleep training

Sleep training is exactly what it sound like – teaching your child to fall asleep and stay asleep during the night.

Now like with everything these days – this can be a controversial topic. And there are multiple methods people use to accomplish it.

Also, every child is different. So one method that worked great for my child and me may not work for you. That’s okay! I’m pretty sure I used multiple methods at once to do sleep training.

When should you start sleep training?

This all depends on you and your child. While most recommend starting some sort of sleep training at 4 – 6 months, others say you should wait till your baby is a certain weight.

There is no “right time” to start – you just start when you’re ready and your child is ready. You can’t compare yourself to another mommy and her child because everyone is different.

Example: I started sleep training my son at 4 weeks using a super gentle method (more on this latter) while my dear friend didn’t start sleep training till her son was over a year.

Don’t stress it momma! If your struggling with it – wait. Be patient, the day will come when your child is ready!

How I Got My Son Sleeping Through The Night At 6 Weeks

Alright ya’ll I know you’re asking in your head “Okay Nicole, tell me how you did it!?”

One word: Routine

I know what you’re thinking – there is no way this worked! But I am telling you it did.

It took a lot of effort on my behalf but I’m telling you by using a routine (and a few other small tips which I’ll share” my son was sleeping from 8 PM – 6:30 AM.

Keep in mind – because he was so young he slept in our room, we moved him to his crib at 4 months.

Here is the routine we strictly followed starting at 4 weeks:

7:00 pm – Bath Time
We used this tub that you can put in your kitchen sink (it was great!) and this soap and lotion afterward to help sooth him.

7:15 pm – Night Bottle (I had major struggles breast feeding I’ll write a post on that later)

Because we had to use bottles, I bought these amazing bottles to help reduce the possibility of him becoming colic. It also made cleanup super easy because the bottle uses liners and we just had to clean the nipple!

7:30 pm – Swaddle and Snuggle

We swaddled using these because he couldn’t get out of it. Plus it was much easier for my husband to swaddle him using it than a regular blanket! Don’t worry we removed the swaddle once he could roll over.


7:45 pm – Bed Time

Now it is time to lay down. We used this rock-n-play for him to sleep in while he was in our room. It is a must have for new mommas! Anyway we always laid him down asleep and used a fan to create white noise for him.

He wouldn’t cry and fell asleep on his own which was awesome!

Additional Tips

So these are things I did to aid in him knowing it was time to sleep. Again, remember these things worked for me and my child but they may not all work for you. Try them out – if they don’t work try something new!

  • Don’t change diaper throughout night unless completely necessary (poop, leaking, etc.) Try out these awesome diapers if your having a hard time finding ones that keep your baby dry at night.
  • Keep the lights as dim as possible when doing night feedings. This helps your baby understand dark means sleep.
  • After feeding and burping, place baby immediately back into bassinet/crib/pack-n-play/rock-n-play or whatever you’re using at that time. No play time!
  • Try to keep engagement with your child to a minimum. I mean no talking, no cell phone, no distractions.

These things truly helped me train my son to sleep through the night with no tears or fussing by 6 weeks. Even my pediatrician was impressed! But again not everything that worked for me and my son may work for you.

Try it out and stick with it momma! I know your tired but you can do this!

Check out these sites for more information on sleep training!

The Bump – How to Sleep Train

Parents – 12 Steps to Sleep-Training Success 

What tips and advice do you have for getting your child to sleep through the night?

Comment your personal tips and experiences below!

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