5 Things You Can Do To Loose The “Mom Pooch”

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5 Things You Can Do To Loose The “Mom Pooch”

**Please remember: I am not a medical professional. Please consult your doctor before starting an exercise regiment or weight-loss plan. All advice given is from personal experience. **

First of all – congratulations! If you’re here looking for how to loose your “mom pooch” than that means your had a child at one point or another which is an awesome feat!

Let me be very transparent here ya’ll – after I had my son just over a year ago – I hated my body.

Now I know that what my body had just accomplished was a miracle and it would therefore never be the same. But after having my son I had this strong inner desire to be healthy. I gained 35 lbs during pregnancy and was overweight before I got pregnant.

I am happy to report however that by utilizing these tips I have since lost the 35 lbs or baby weight AND an additional 35 lbs!

What is a “mom-pooch”?

So your “mom-pooch” comes from when you were pregnant. The short of it is your ab muscles became soft and weak during this time.

After baby comes most mom’s are left with these very squishy area that sticks out just a bit further than everything else.

How can I get rid of it?

Depending on the severity of how your abdominal muscles are impacted, some women naturally get their previous tummy area back (so jelly!)!

In severe cases, surgery or specific abdominal exercises may be necessary to correct a problem called diastasis recti where your rectus abdominis, physically separates. (If you feel you may have this condition talk with your doctor). You can find more on this condition here.

Many of us however just have a “mom pooch” and must put in some sort of work to strengthen the muscles in order to pull that area back in. In addition, you will probably need to loose your pregnancy weight.

This can seem overwhelming for many of us right? I’m a new mom – how on earth will I find time to exercise and eat right?

Don’t worry – I’m here to help! I’ve been there momma and know the struggle. That’s why I made this list. Because although you may not be able to start an exercise routine right now, there are things you can do in your everyday life to start loosing the pregnancy weight and help tighten up that tummy!

5 Things You Can Do To Loose The “Mom-Pooch”

Drink More Water

Yes I know you know this. I know you’ve probably heard it 1,000 times before. But do you actually do it? I sure didn’t – not really anyway.

As a mom I am sure you are busy taking care of a baby and/or toddlers, maybe some older kids too. It is so easy to drink coffee, soda, or tea than water because that other stuff tastes good, maybe gives you an energy boost.

Guess what momma – water does too! You can make it taste good AND it wakes your body up. So get you a fun, fancy cup that you like, add some lemon or lime and fill it up!

This will help your body flush out toxins, keep you hydrated, and can improve skin complexion! Try a cup like this one to keep your drink cold!

Put Down the Sweets

This one I am so bad at!

Those donuts are so tempting – the kids wanted to make cookies today – the bananas were going to go bad so I had to make banana bread.

These are just excuses ladies and trust me when I say I endure them daily. I’m not telling you to cut them out completely but try to limit yourself .

Instead of having 3 cookies just have 1 and maybe save desserts for 1 night a week. This will save you many calories and regrets!

Go For a Walk

This is one of my favorites to do! When my son was a baby – this was one of my tricks to get him to calm down – put him in the stroller and go outside. It’s good for them and its good for you.



You get fresh air, your kids can enjoy the outdoors and (BONUS) its technically exercise!

Whether you stroll, walk fast, or jog a little – it all gets you outside and moving both of which are important when you stay home!

Need a jogging stroller? Try out the one I use my son loves it or this one if you need a double!

Do Some Squats

I don’t know if you know this but squats engage your core (ie. abs) and your core is on the struggle bus right now.

Remember how we said the mom pooch is a result of abs becoming soft and weak? Well anytime you engage your core you are working to strengthen those muscles back.

Do 10 squats here and 10 squats there. Do them while you hold your child for added weight. Anytime you go to pick up something – do a squat instead of bending over.

On top of strengthening your core – your butt will get a nice lift too!

Meal Plan

You’ve heard this right? How great meal planning is and how it saves you time in the long run? But lets be honest – it’s easier said than done.

Be encouraged friend – you can do it! Grab a notebook or piece of paper, write out your days of the week and add dinner meal ideas to it.

Check out this meal planner that you can keep on your fridge – preventing your husband from having to ask ‘whats for dinner?’.

Start with simple and healthy recipes so you don’t get overwhelmed.

This helps prevent you from eating fast food when you don’t know what to cook, saves you money, and helps you control what you eat!

What advice do you have for loosing the mom pooch?

Comment your personal tips and experiences below!

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